The Lord laid it on my heart decades ago that one day He would have me establish a national Christian TV show. I got my feet wet doing the daily announcements over the intercom at my public school. Then, at 16 years of age I began to do “voice overs” for David Mainse’s new TV show, Crossroads. Over the succeeding years I have done my own Television and radio work, with some of it nationally in Israel, but I did not feel the timing right to pursue the national vision the Lord had laid on my heart. A big factor was my not wanting to muddy the waters by stepping into an area of ministry that was already being effectively covered by 100 Huntley Street and It’s A New Day among others.

I had a profound sense that the Lord was calling me to act now. So I incorporated “Cantelon Christian Communications”. Little did I know that within weeks of that incorporation the “Mainse Era” at Crossroads would end, and that “It’s A New Day” would cease production. Nor did I expect that both Vision TV and other Canadian Broadcasters would show immediate interest in my new show. But this has happened.

The vision is clear: present a thoughtful, articulate, informed Christian perspective on matters of interest to a national audience with the best guest commentators, intriguing interviews and a major component of effective Bible teaching. 

Who is it for? Believers, unbelievers, seekers and “homeless Christians”, that is, Christians who love Jesus but no longer attend church. 

We want to envelop Canada (and the world) with the Gospel!