Read Luke 6

Key Verse: Luke 6:47 “Whoever comes to Me…hears My sayings and does them…”

Verbal Christianity can be quite enjoyable. You talk about love, discuss theology, give to the poor at Christmas, get lots of “amens!” when speaking about faith to the converted–in fact, it beats most other service clubs all hollow. Mainly because a “Christian” club brings an abundance of self-satisfying righteousness as part of the territory. Your club dues are paid in right talking.

Right walking, rather than talking, is, of course, what Christianity is about. Especially in the 90’s. There are enough talking heads out there; it’s time for walking feet. Jesus thought so, then. No doubt, He still thinks so today.

He said there was a distinct relationship between hearing (and “parroting”, I’d expect) His sayings, and doing them. In fact, He used a powerful simile to make the point. The person who is a hearer and a talker without being a doer, is like someone building a house on an unstable foundation. Regardless of the dedication, the diligence and the time spent in construction, the house will collapse. It doesn’t even matter if they house was dedicated to the Lord’s work. If the foundation is shaky, the house will be shaky, and ultimately will be no more.

Conversely, the person who not only hears, but also puts Jesus’ words into practise, builds an indestructible house. Regardless of the forces that come against it the house will stand. Why? Because “doing” the word makes for an unshakable foundation. Perhaps no more or less effort will be put into the construction than the house built on sand, but the house on the Rock will stand forever.

In the final analysis, our talk doesn’t impress God. He can make the rocks cry out if Her wants to–so spare yourself and Him all the talk; rather give Him your will. Get out of that pew, and do!