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August 24, 2022

A news headline caught my attention recently: “We are waiting for rain, for winter, and for God-Fighting a megafire in France”.

It’s always the case that when we’re desperate we find ourselves, whether true believer, casual believer, or non-religious, intuitively reaching up for help.

I came across a car accident one time and the injured man was limping around his damaged car, his wife groaning on the side of the road, both calling out “Oh my God, oh my God…help us!

This is our default as humans. We’ve been made for God, we’re dependants, we are frail and vulnerable, and sudden adversity reveals our need of Him.

Better to call out in peace, prosperity, and health no? He is our strength, our hope, our comfort. “In all your ways acknowledge Him…”, says scripture. A timeless word of counsel.