February 16, 2022

The world seems weary and wary of Russia these days. Whether it’s sabre rattling on the borders of Ukraine or getting away with it again in ongoing Olympic doping scandals one gets the impression that Russia is both schoolyard bully and obnoxious neighbor.

At the same time we’re aware of the interdependence the nations of the world share, especially that between Russia and Europe. Not only will all regions (even the world at large) suffer catastrophic damage to life, property, and economy in all out war, but untold sorrow may descend for decades to come. We don’t want this. We fear it.

Our hope is in a sovereign omniscient Father who is not taken by surprise nor incapable of intervening in the affairs of mankind. In the midst of our brokenness the Healer lives. Let us all remember Him and prayerfully beseech His help.

The lyrics of the age-old hymn come to mind:

O God our help
in ages past
Our hope for years
to come….
Be thou our guide
while troubles last
And our eternal home.



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