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January 5, 2022

2022 has arrived but this new year carries a huge load from last year. We thought in 2021 that we might be seeing the end of the Covid pandemic. We were making progress, slowly but surely, and then the Omicron variant hit us with a wallop. Its growth is not just exponential, it’s explosive. In the first few days of January we’re reading reports that we are on the verge of unprecedented numbers of infections. The computer modelling of pandemic prevalence seems almost science fictional. In the iconic words of that ancient bard “Henny Penny” the sky is falling!

We’re in this together. What’s more our Heavenly Father is in it with us. This universal crisis has not taken him by surprise. Surely there are life lessons in our suffering. Already in the past 20 months we’ve seen neighborly love emerge in great acts of care and compassion. Our values are being reviewed and reinvented. We’re taking stock of what really matters.

We will come through this. One day we’ll look back and thank God and neighbor for faithful acts both large and small.