June 16, 2021

A major gap in American history books is the inclusion of black history. There’s no doubt America wouldn’t be the world leader it is today without the major role played by its African American population. They have prevailed through persecution, misrepresentation, and social stigmatization, yet continue to rise above adversity to contribute magnificently to American culture. Their resilience is astounding.

With WOW we work with thousands of African orphans and widows. Everyone in our humble ministry is black. Kathy and I are in the minority for sure, but our sense of brotherhood with our African friends is profound. They include us. They care for us even as we care for them. And we love each other.

I want to recommend an amazing, unique, and painstakingly researched and written textbook. It’s called “Black History 365-An Inclusive Account of American History”, written by Dr.Walter Milton,Jr., and my good friend and fellow Albertan, Dr. Joel A. Freeman. It’s a publishing first, and is already being placed by countless school boards on their required  history curricula.

I’m amazed at the comprehensive coverage of the topic and am slowly reading through, not wanting to miss any of its fascinating accounts and insights. Your browser will lead you to it.


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