June 21, 2023

You’ve no doubt read about the school board in Utah who removed the Bible from their regional  libraries because of its “violent and vulgar”content. They opined that it was hurtful for their elementary school pupils. But now they’ve reversed that decision after significant pushback from parents.

The fact is that the Bible, especially the Old Testament, pulls no punches in its descriptions of human behaviour. It’s a history book. One can find all kinds of disreputable and “hurtful” material in any and all history books in the libraries of the world. No need to target the scriptures. History is rife with bad human behaviour.

Indeed, one of the great core values of the Bible is that it tells it like it was…which often finds parallel in human events today. It is not the product of an editorial committee. It’s simply the raw unvarnished truth.
And the truth is that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.

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