March 15, 2023

I preached recently in Lusaka Zambia. Pastor and Esther Reutter were our hosts. They’ve been in Zambia for 41 years. They arrived in 1982 with nothing but a vision to communicate the Gospel to the nation.

They decided to start with what was “in their hand”, in this case Esther’s nursing credentials. They opened a small clinic for the poor and planted a church. It was a humble beginning.

Today they care for over 40,000 patients in both urban and rural settings. Most of them are HIV positive. But there’s more.

They built an orphanage, two schools, a university, a vocational training centre, a radio station, a television station and network reaching all of Africa and the world, and their church plant has become “The GO Centre”( the Gospel Outreach Centre) which is full of young families and university students.

Pastor Reutter is now a bit of a “rock star” in Zambia, but he’s a most humble hero. His main focus in the midst of all the oversight given to his various enterprises is to preach the scriptures. For him life is all about presenting Christ.

The Reutter’s are remarkable. And, as our ministry WOW (Working for Orphans and Widows) partners with them I feel like we’re linked with giants. What a privilege!

You can check out more information here or here.

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