March 16, 2022

I think we’ve all heard of the law of unintended consequences. In the ongoing agony of Ukraine that law is beginning to emerge. “Putin’s war” as it’s being called,  has certainly not gone the way he apparently thought it would. Not only did he not conquer Ukraine in two days but after two weeks the war is becoming a war of attrition where no one wins. Then he miscalculated the Ukrainian strength of heart. A courageous president and people, woefully untrained for battle, are proving to be heroes of magnitude. Indeed historians will write books one day about Ukraine’s resilience and Putin’s arrogance.

Perhaps the most historic consequence has been the sudden awakening of the European Union from a bickering group of members to a truly unified economic and military superpower. They ( and the rest of the free world) are sending a stark message out to any Soviet era strongmen, whether in Russia or anywhere else, that democracy is alive, vibrant, and ready to defend the free.

We all, of course, continue to pray for Ukraine. Prayer embraces the long view of history under the sovereign rule of an omniscient and loving Father.


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