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May 10, 2023

Like millions of others I watched the coronation of King Charles lll. It was gripping, must-see TV. The pomp and circumstance was appropriate and regal, the beauty of Westminster Cathedral awesome.

The biggest impact for me was the biblical content of both liturgy and music. It was uplifting. I found myself moved to tears at times.

The theme of “service” captured what is missing in most of our world’s ruling classes. Power, domination, corruption and even “kleptocracy” seem to be the motivation of dysfunctional leaders these days.

Indeed “what’s in it for me” appears to be the underlying theme of those aspiring to political heights. Little wonder we’re cynical about government.

No one, of course, is perfect. We’re all aware of the dramas within the Windsor family. But the high office of King is still alive. Let’s pray that King Charles will reign true to the powerful vows he took before God and the people.