May 26, 2021

If you are a sports fan you’ll have watched several high profile events lately with large unmasked crowds cheering on their teams. The NBA, MLB,NHL, and PGA have all, it seems, returned to business as usual. The scene of thousands of fans swarming Phil Michelson on the 18th hole as he won the recent PGA championship is a vivid example of the benefits of America’s ambitious Covid vaccination program.

Contrast this freedom with the grim realities of the pandemic in India. Our WOW partner in Chennai told us a few days ago about the disaster that has descended upon them. Tens of thousands dying with no oxygen, no hospital beds, inadequate medical supervision, and when they die no funds for burial or cremation. Thus the River Ganges swells with rotting corpses slowly floating to oblivion. Now what is known as “the black fungus” is spreading to the fortunate few who have survived Covid but are vulnerable to this invasive affliction.

Sorrow on sorrow juxtaposed with carefree sporting events- such a commentary on the inequities of our world.

Our calling with WOW  is to serve vulnerable orphans and widows in afflicted countries. We have our work cut out for us. May the Lord be with them and us.


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