October 19, 2022

I’ve just received a report from our pastor/partner in Ukraine. He tells of the remarkable response of scores of churches to the flood of refugees from the war. They’ve been transformed into refugee centres where the fleeing women and children can find safety and care. This was/is something WOW committed to supporting even as we continue to see amazing growth in our work in sub-Saharan Africa and India. And there’s been a powerful after-effect to this justice seeking ministry.

When these Ukrainian and Polish churches opened their hearts and facilities, they were mostly small with average attendance in the 20-50 range. Today, seven months later they’re flooded with people worshipping the Lord. One church has grown from 20 to 400 congregants.

This does not surprise. Any church that prioritizes the poor, especially orphans and widows, is bound to be vital. What’s more, faithfulness in adversity adds steel to the backbone. The church being the church will always stand. And, of course, men and women of faith will stand with them.


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