November 18, 2019

Blaise Pascal’s “Pensees” is a proven classic. Even though he died at an early age his wisdom far exceeded his years. In the introduction to his “Thoughts” he wrote,”Before we examine the evidence of the truth of Christianity, I need to point out an inconsistency of those who are careless about the truth. Yet it is vital to them, for it intimately affects their lives. Of all their miscalculations, this is what most blatantly shows up their blind folly. It is this: This present life is momentary, but the state of death is eternal. How terribly important it is, then, to live in the light of the eternal, since it ultimately affects all that we do or think!”

This truth struck me this week as an old friend told me he had just been diagnosed with cancer. All the dramas, stresses, and events of his past were suddenly eclipsed by the shadow of death. Our conversation was anything but small talk. We were gripped by the emergence of the far horizon.

Sooner or later we all will face our mortality. How important then that we “seize the day” and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to “the Giver of Life”.