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May 18, 2020


No doubt our world is under adversity on an unprecedented scale. We’re all feeling it. Covid-19 has created stresses we never thought possible, not only in terms of threats to health, but also in terms of fragmenting, if not fracturing, our entitlements. Our freedom to move and interact is fraught with risk. We’re under siege.

Unfortunately some people  in frustration are lashing out at the “ messenger”- the medical and governmental authorities tasked with managing the collateral damage of the virus. This, of course, is counter-productive. Covid doesn’t care what we feel or how angry we may be. It just carries on, relentless, and destructive. Scramble as we may, our ad hoc attempts to thwart it have proven ineffectual ( the news full of warnings about “a second wave” of infections on the horizon). But there is hope. Over one hundred intense efforts are underway in various labs to create a vaccine.

In the meantime we hold on, and many of us pray. As we do so our core values are being examined and refined. Our spirits are being revisited and refreshed. Our secular materialism is giving way to “seeking first the kingdom of heaven”.

We will come through this. Chastened, refined, and renewed.


May 4, 2020

Perhaps some of you have logged on to lately and joined a prayer time hosted by Rod Hembree. I’ve been cohosting twice a week.


The point is to pray for those suffering the direct or indirect impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.


As always, prayer meetings, whether in a church, a home, or online bring out the universal vulnerability we all share, not only in terms of health crises but also in terms of ongoing human need.


Those prayer requests range from pending death to minor aches and pains.


This, of course, is what Jesus faced in his 3 short years of ministry. He was besieged by human need. He showed tremendous patience with the petty and profound compassion for the grievously afflicted. He set no qualifying bar. He simply stated,” Come unto me all you who are weary and heavily laden, and I will give you rest”.
We do not have to be on death’s door to ask for prayer. Our sweet Lord just says,”Let me help”.


So pray freely.

April 27, 2020


As we continue to reevaluate our lives, our values under deep assessment, it’s tempting to yield to “end of the world” thoughts. Not only is the world shut down but so is life as we’ve known it. Many of us feel lost without the former parameters of social, physical, emotional, and spiritual markers that gave our lives context and meaning. Then we look outward via the internet and see Yemen about to implode, South Sudan and East Africa besieged by billions of crop destroying locusts, multilateral aid agencies warning that huge famine is closing in, and reports that the world economy may never achieve its former strength, and we wonder… are we nearing the “End”?

I think we would do ourselves a favour in this bleak hour to remember that even though calamity on a worldwide scale is new to us it’s not new to history. Just last century our world reeled from not one but two World Wars, countless regional conflicts, and yes, a pandemic-the Spanish Flu. We took the blows, suffered for a while, then got back onto our feet.

We will do so again.

In other words there is hope. And faith. Soldier on!