February 10, 2020

None of us are unaware of the rapid spread of the corona virus around the world. It’s a threat to all of us, even as the epicentre of the critical mass of affected persons is still its country of origin. The nations of the world are on high alert and proactive measures are escalating.

Blame, of course, is also escalating. As is blame-shifting.

Pointing the finger is always counterproductive. It solves nothing but tends to create polarities. The first reflex on the part of the accused is defensive. Accusations are counter-punched. Vitriol bounces back and forth like a tennis ball.

The genius of forgiveness is that it allows for a level playing field. “Our culture”-“Their culture” comparisons are neutralized by “There but for the grace of God go I”.

The milk has been spilt. Let’s clean it up together.