February 24, 2020


Some of you (I hope!) are reading excerpts from Cantelon’s Casual Commentary here on the site. Writing it is a joy, although labour intensive. It’s also a touch revelatory. You’d think that after 50 years of pastoring I’d know a thing or two about the Bible. Yes I do, but only a little

The more I study the more I realize how limited my scope of knowledge. In some ways, as I research and write I feel like a rookie. The Bible, so vast in its historical and spiritual canvas, eclipses any and all attempts to “master” or exhaust its depth. We do truly, as the apostle Paul put it, “see through a glass darkly”.
So in every way the study of God’s word is humbling. But it’s also inspiring and liberating. The scriptures free us from self absorption and call us to the pursuit of the far horizon. They put our petty concerns in perspective. They are without doubt “the words of life”.