May 13, 2020

The First Disciples – Matthew 4:18-22

Like his cousin John , Jesus too had need of followers, or “disciples”. These were not “hangers-on” but leaders-in-the-making. Jesus knew that unlikely as they were they would nonetheless change the world. But, they certainly didn’t appear to be world changers. Indeed, the first four were two pairs of brothers, all of them fishermen. And, if the catch in “Kinneret” (Sea of Galilee) was like it is today, they were experts in catching sardines! There is no mention of their qualifications, education, or predisposition to spiritual matters. They were just “there” and Jesus said, “Follow me”. So Simon, Andrew, James and John dropped everything and did just that — “immediately”, says Matthew. Amazing! Could it be that the word had spread about the dove and voice from heaven a few weeks previously at Jesus’ baptism? Or was it that John the Baptist’s disciples had told their acquaintances that Jesus was the next big thing? We don’t know. All we do know is that Jesus’ invitation was irresistible.