May 18, 2020


No doubt our world is under adversity on an unprecedented scale. We’re all feeling it. Covid-19 has created stresses we never thought possible, not only in terms of threats to health, but also in terms of fragmenting, if not fracturing, our entitlements. Our freedom to move and interact is fraught with risk. We’re under siege.

Unfortunately some people  in frustration are lashing out at the “ messenger”- the medical and governmental authorities tasked with managing the collateral damage of the virus. This, of course, is counter-productive. Covid doesn’t care what we feel or how angry we may be. It just carries on, relentless, and destructive. Scramble as we may, our ad hoc attempts to thwart it have proven ineffectual ( the news full of warnings about “a second wave” of infections on the horizon). But there is hope. Over one hundred intense efforts are underway in various labs to create a vaccine.

In the meantime we hold on, and many of us pray. As we do so our core values are being examined and refined. Our spirits are being revisited and refreshed. Our secular materialism is giving way to “seeking first the kingdom of heaven”.

We will come through this. Chastened, refined, and renewed.