July 27, 2020

During this protracted Covid isolation I’ve been “redeeming the time”. Social media has been very useful in keeping in touch with our WOW partners overseas, and writing a couple of books has filled the gaps. Keep a lookout for “Cantelon’s Casual Commentary” (Matthew, Mark, Luke/Acts, John) in a single volume, and “Opening the Windows of Your Soul”(a book on the Lord’s Prayer) to be published in the next year.
We’ve all been forced to take stock of our values, loves, and personal significance over these sheltering in place months. We don’t know when it will end. If you’re like me you’re becoming tired of the limbo but (hopefully) grateful for the reboot of our internal software.
History will one day look back at a period of both introspection and unexpected renewal and reinvention. But for us in the present we’ve got to endure the pain and nourish our hope.