January 11, 2021

This week a “day of infamy” occurred in Washington DC. We all watched it unfold and we’re all troubled not only by the insurrection itself but by the implications. There’s a lot of blame-shifting and/or soul searching going on depending on political ideologies and adherence or non-adherence to conspiracy theories. But, regardless of polarities, no one is immune to the collateral damage from the incitement of riotous behaviour.
There’s a profound irony in that this attack on democracy took place on the same day that the USA had a record breaking one day death toll from the Corona virus. The nation seems under siege.
Yet the House and the Senate still managed to regroup and certify the election. Democracy was dealt a blow, but it was not fatal. For this we thank the Lord.
No need to scold or berate, rather to mourn and pray that the “God in whom we trust” will have mercy and heal the nation.