April 10, 2024

Were you “eclipsed” by the recent solar eclipse in North America? Millions were. The massive crowds with their eclipse glasses lined the route of the eclipse as it moved diagonally from southwest to northeast. It was a once in a lifetime phenomenon. The enthusiasm was huge. Loud cheering, like that at big sports events, ricocheted from sea to sea.  People were kids again.

It struck me that we’re all kids at heart. Little things can thrill us and big things can overwhelm us, especially when the stimulus is the natural world. Vast mountain ranges, roaring rivers, endless forests, deep blue lakes, soaring birds, and so much more, enfold us in wonder. Indeed that wonder sometimes borders on worship. There’s something childlike in us that wants to look up, to exalt the Designer of the great design.

This is an essential spiritual quality common to us all. We have an intuitive knowledge of God. All it takes is a moment of wonder to bring it out. We are born to worship.