August 11, 2021

One of the major concerns in our world is that of violence against women. It’s a pandemic that has persisted long before Covid 19 afflicted the globe. And, with our WOW ministry ( we’ve made Gender Based Violence Mitigation a core value in our commitment to young widows and their orphaned girl children.

Several years ago we established a Home of Rescue for abused widows and orphaned girls in Lilongwe, Malawi which has become a national standard in the fight against GBV.  Now, as of this month (August 2021), we’ve established another home of rescue in the huge slum area of north western Johannesburg SA where we’re already engaged in the Home Based Care of 3000 of “the least of these”.

It breaks my heart to encounter the huge sorrow of people who literally have nothing, who are “dying on their feet” with hunger, thirst, disease and hopelessness.

It’s a great honor and privilege to be serving the Lord on their behalf.

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