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August 4, 2021

I was just reading about the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Afghan general says this conflict will greatly impact global security. Jihadists are joining the Taliban from Europe, Indonesia, North Africa, and other states in what may become a global conflict.

Then there’s Iran, not only rattling its developing nuclear sabres, but facing a drastic water shortage that may precipitate desperate military measures.

The Ethiopian-Tigray conflict threatens African security, while raging fires and floods are killing hundreds and creating thousands of refugees in various regions of our world.

And did I mention the delta variant of Covid-19?

We’re facing global stress on an unprecedented scale.

Yet, men and women of faith continue to believe that the Lord is sovereign and in his omniscience is not surprised by these crises.

We’re praying and hoping like never before. We’re re-evaluating our values. We’re taking stock of our worldview. Our vulnerability is forcing us to renew our love for God and neighbour.

This revival of spiritual values is the silver lining in the dark cloud of this world’s troubles. We’ve rediscovered the vital role of hope. Indeed, as the old gospel hymn puts it,” This world is not our home…” The road is rough, but the journey will one day end in His presence.