August 16, 2023

As many of you who follow us on our website know, WOW has been providing Home Based Care (HBC) for at-risk orphans and widows (Mainly because of HIV and AIDS infections) in sub-Saharan Africa for 23 years. The Covid 19 pandemic exacerbated the need, to say nothing of the ongoing crisis of opportunistic diseases that victimize patients without immune systems. For the past 5 years we’ve also been very involved in the care of “the least of these” in a nation that for security reasons shall remain nameless. One other nation we’ve been involved in is Ukraine since Russia invaded over a year ago. In all these afflicted areas we’ve humbly attempted to provide life saving care (in food and medicine) in Jesus’ name. Prayer, bibles, and faithful service by local church based volunteers have all been part of the ministry equation. The response of these dear ones has been and continues to be that of total gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord.

It’s a cruel world on every level these days. I’m so grateful we can be a player in God’s work in the midst of the storm.


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