August 2, 2023

I received a report recently from one of WOW’s partner ministries with a few pics covering the gifting several of their volunteers with bicycles. These volunteers, in some cases, have been walking up to 20 kilometres a day to provide home-based care (HBC) for seriously ill and/or dying orphans and widows. Most of the afflicted ones are suffering from HIV and AIDS with the added complication of opportunistic diseases such as tuberculosis. WOW’s volunteers are mostly widows themselves although there are a few men ( mainly pastors) who provide HBC care as well. They minister faithfully every week and in 23years of our work in Africa I have yet to hear any of them complain or demand assistance.

So, when my wife and I were in Africa a few months ago we did a little probing and discovered that these precious, godly volunteers were in great need of transport in their selfless daily HBC ministry. The best solution was bicycles.

Upon our return we immediately called on our support base to help in the purchase of bicycles. The response was immediate and generous. And, as our partner ministry reported, the bicycles were purchased locally and distributed to very grateful and joyful volunteers praising God for his provision. They are now able to do their vital HBC work in a third the time it took previously.

Bicycles. What a concept. For us they’re for recreation.  For our HBC volunteers they’re a life saver.


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