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February 1, 2023

I had an interesting conversation with a good friend the other day. We were talking about how small decisions can sometime have large consequences. Like where you’ll go to college, or who you’ll ask out on a date, or how you’ll choose what are called “core values” for your life. Sometimes we decide impulsively, other times intentionally. And then somewhere down the line we realize how naive we were and wish we could go back in time to choose differently. But there’s no going back.

The grim reality is that our lives ultimately are built on the decisions we make, for good or for ill. As the old adage puts it, “Big doors swing on small hinges”.

Maybe the best approach to small hinge decisions is simply to choose what you intuitively know is right. And if it still turns out badly you’ve at least made the choice in good faith.

This means we take risks when we make choices. And, for those who hesitate because they don’t want to make a mistake, they’d do well to consider the fact that no decision is itself a decision. What’s more, none of us are perfect.

Life is a bit like a boat at the dock where we’re loading it with all the stuff we think will help us steer a right course. We’re loading it with so many contingencies that it’s dragging bottom. “I don’t want to make the wrong decision”, we say, as we delay departure. “I want to steer in the right direction”. Sounds wise.

But it isn’t. We need to get the boat out of the dock and get sailing. “But what if I steer in the wrong direction?” you say. I say, “Kudos to you! Steer in the wrong direction. If you do the Lord will make a mid-course correction. But He can’t do a thing with a ship that’s not moving!”

Just get on with it. Or as NIKE said in their classic ad: “ JUST DO IT!”