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January 18, 2023

Most sports fans are aware of the dramatic event which occurred during the Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals NFL game a few weeks ago. Defensive half Demar Hamlin collapsed with cardiac arrest after a routine tackle. Millions of us watched with great concern as the medical professionals administered CPR while members of both teams openly wept and prayed. Indeed, one of the iconic pictures of those dramatic moments is that of the Bills and Bengals teams kneeling in a circle of prayer. The next day when it was announced that Hamlin had regained consciousness in hospital it’s reported that Josh Allen, Bills quarterback and self confessed lapsed Methodist Christian declared,” God is real!”  Apparently, he has renewed his faith.

One of the lasting impressions of this event is that of the millions of North Americans who held Hamlin up in prayer. All the TV commentators called for prayer and the fans readily complied.

There is a “magnificent middle” of believers out there. It takes a sudden trauma to reveal it, but it’s there. We’re not as “secular” as it’s said we are.