July 14, 2021



As you may know “Jim Cantelon Today” is the official voice of “Working for Orphans and Widows”. Together these two entities comprise one comprehensive ministry. Check out the WOW website to get an update on our work with “the least of these” in sub-Saharan Africa and southern India. We work with the most vulnerable humans on the planet. There is no one more needy or more exploited than orphans and their young widowed/abandoned mothers. For 21 years we’ve been caring for thousands in our Home Based Care (HBC) programs. The need, especially during this Covid era, just keeps on growing.

In conjunction with this justice-seeking work our ministry also focusses on adding value to your spiritual growth through JCT TV. My sole program content is a slow, meticulous journey through the gospels of Jesus Christ. The content of my Bible studies is given further coverage through the publication of “Cantelon’s Casual Commentary-A 21st Century Guide to the Life of Jesus for the Internet Generation”. You can access it through this website or most online retailers.

The point of these efforts is to practice what we preach, loving both God and neighbor.

We care about your worldview and your soul’s health.


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