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July 7, 2021

For the first 12 months of Covid I was surprised and grateful that it’s impact was seemingly doing an end run around Sub-Saharan Africa. India was/is another story. Chennai, where we work with a small but vital church in Home Based Care for orphans and widows is a designated Covid “hot spot”. Our work there has ramped up considerably. We’re not only caring for afflicted orphans and widows, but the state government has asked us to help care for the first responders in the slum where we work as well. Thankfully the Lord has increased our resources so that we can take on the added challenge.

And, as of the past few months our WOW ministry in South Africa, Zambia, and Malawi has been  quickly catching up. Our champion in central Zambia, his son, and several of his participating church pastors are fighting Covid infection even as I write. This is a tough time for countries who have limited access to vaccines. Here in North America we’re opening up but our new found freedom sets us apart as national elites. Indians and Africans are far behind.

There’s no need for guilt on our part but there is need for redoubled compassion. Our abundance must be shared. We’re doing our small part with, a light in a vast darkness mind you, but a light nonetheless.

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