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July 6, 2022

I think most of us have been blindsided by the importance of Ukraine. As Putin’s war continues to commit atrocities the entire world is feeling the consequences of the incremental unravelling of Ukraine’s place in the world. Everything from wiring harnesses for the auto industry to fuel costs to grain supplies has been disrupted. Africa especially is feeling the impact of the shutdown in wheat shipments from Ukraine, and the world food experts are issuing dire warnings about present and future food shortages and disturbing price hikes. We’re very aware of the early rumblings of future economic hardships. Indeed, just shopping for food and paying for gasoline has us on edge.

It’s difficult to read Jesus’ words when he says,”Think not what the morrow bringeth. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”. For sure the present evil is with us. But what about tomorrow?

“Be not anxious”, he says. How? Perhaps we need to resist borrowing trouble from the future. We must remind ourselves that the Lord has promised to walk with us “through the shadow of death”. The current world stress, as my grandmother used to say, “will pass”.