June 22, 2022

Recently I was asked to pray for an elderly relative suffering from serious illness. When my wife and I arrived at his home we were met by several of his friends who happened to drop by just before we did. Naturally there was a lot of casual talk and reminiscences. It struck me, as it often does, of the fact that everyone we meet has a history, much of it hidden  (like the proverbial iceberg). We all bear burdens, most of them unexpressed. And we all have need of prayer.

I was moved as we prayed for my cousin. Moved not just by his need for healing but for every one of us who gathered around him at that sacred moment. We are, as the scriptures say,” fearfully and wonderfully made”, so vulnerable. So fragile.

So, in your(our) fragility you are not alone. “He will never leave us nor forsake us” is the biblical promise. Continue to give Him place in your life.


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