June 8, 2022

I’ve just returned from Dallas Texas and Albuquerque New Mexico. In Dallas my wife and I attended the ordination of our daughter to the ministry, and in Albuquerque I guested on a TV show that is released on 15 stations in New Mexico. The ordination ceremony was inspiring and the TV interview gave me opportunity to talk about our work with orphans and widows overseas (wowmission.com). In both of these great cities I was struck with the resilience of the people as they(and us) recover from the Covid pandemic.

Resilience is more than toughness. It is rooted in purpose. I recall an old evangelist saying, “Failure in life is not because of lack of talent. It’s because of lack of purpose”. Purpose, like a vast horizon, must be pursued intentionally and faithfully. When it is it provides backbone. It enables us to win over adversity. It is the very essence of sustainability.

We’re all slowly but surely recovering from two and a half years of lower case depression brought upon us by Covid. We’ve been wounded. But we see a horizon of hope. We may, as the famous saying puts it “ lay us down and bleed a while, but then get up and fight some more”. Indeed it’s good to remember the scriptural promise that “as your days so shall your strength be”. So go for it!


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