May 25, 2022

My wife Kathy and I had just driven into the state of Texas yesterday when we read the news. 21 people dead and 12 injured in a primary school mass shooting in Uvalde. Our grandaughter’s high school graduation is today and our daughter’s ordination to the ministry is on Saturday. Our hearts are broken and every school gathering in Texas today will not only be subdued but on edge. Flags across the state are at half mast. Feelings are raw. So is the fear. What if it happens again? Today?

Jesus said,” Think not what the morrow brings. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”. He was fully aware that if there is any constant in our world it is the presence of evil. Mass shootings here and massive bombings in Ukraine are evidence. We are awash in evil.

Yet we continue to live, hope, and love. We can’t borrow trouble from the future. If we do we’re paralyzed.

What we can do, however, is what Kathy and I and every Texas school graduation ceremony today will do: pray for the bereaved. Lift these broken hearts to the Lord. Only He can heal. He is the Comforter.


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