October 20, 2021

Recently one of our WOW champions underwent serious back surgery in South Africa. He and his wife oversee critical Home Based Care to about 3000 at-risk orphans and widows. Their ministry, called “Cross Connect”, is one of WOW’s key partners in sub Saharan Africa. It’s doing a terrific job.

His back issues have been a constant in his life for years, even though he is only in his twenties. He’s been living and working in pain all that time. He founded CC and has faithfully grown it through constant suffering. With no complaints, I might add.

I think of St.Paul’s words where he states that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness. So true. How often in history has this truth been played out in the heroic work of his faithful children. It’s almost axiomatic: The weaker we are, the stronger we are in God’s Grace and provision.

C.S. Lewis called suffering “God’s megaphone”. It calls us to dependence and gratitude for His faithfulness to us in adversity. In that reality we have “peace that passeth understanding”.


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