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October 6, 2021

The recent release of the “Pandora Papers” has revealed the hidden world of the mega rich and their avoidance of accountability via offshore banking. I’ve had brief exposure to a few of these fiscal fugitives and have been amazed at their casual rationalizations re: offshore hiding places and the avoidance of taxes. They seem to feel entitled to legal legerdemain. Their wealth sets them apart from mere acquiescence to the laws of  the land.

Before we get too offended let’s admit that we too are predisposed to greed. We are aware that the love of money can easily erode love of God and neighbor. And we can forget that Jesus said it’s impossible to serve both God and mammon.

Money, of course, is morally neutral. It has no power on its own. What empowers it is our love for it and it’s use in getting our own way. It fuels worldliness, which by definition (mine) is a desire for unrestricted independence. We don’t want to be dependent, nor do we want to need anyone, let alone God. We want to be our own court of appeal, our own financier, our own sovereign. Accountability?

Who wants that?

So we see our own dark side in the Pandora story. Let’s confess it, repent, and recommit to love of God and neighbor.