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September 22, 2021

I spent a day yesterday recording the JCT TV programs for October ( As usual the television mantra is“Hurry up and wait”. Why? Because there’s always a piece of equipment that suddenly malfunctions, or a battery pack for the control room to floor intercom fails, or a camera operator called in sick, or, or…

Yesterday was no exception but we prevailed.

Even though the viewership is in the thousands my view of it is this: the camera is one person, and that person is you. It doesn’t matter if there are thousands. No one sees or hears with anyone else’s eyes and ears but their own. Indeed, any crowd is merely an audience of one.

This is a biblical reality as well. When the Bible says, “God so loved the world…”that world is a multiple of one. The Lord knows our name and appeals to us on a one-to-one basis. Kind of scary no? But very special too.