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September 27, 2023

As Westerners we tend to think our ways are best. We are often guilty of seeing poorer, developing nations in a dim light, in need of our superior expertise in the “art” of civilization. Sometimes with the purist of intentions we condescend.

It’s more than a wake-up call however to immerse oneself in one of these “needy” cultures as Kathy and I did last month. Out in the rural areas of Malawi, visiting orphans and widows who are provided Home Based Care by our dedicated Somebody Cares volunteers we saw again the sincere child-like joy of the poorest of the poor as they sang and danced their gratitude for the Lord’s provision. Hundreds attended several community meetings out of doors where Kathy and I spoke words of encouragement and presented the story of Jesus. And, once again, in the presence of their total enthusiasm of faith we wondered who was ministering to whom.

Yes they live is an eco-system of poverty. But they also live in an eco-system of total love for the Lord. There’s nothing “western” or “third world” about it. It’s all about the community of faith.